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Chef Alfred Williams
Certified Executive Chef
Master Cheesecake Artist

25 years in a professional kitchen

Chef Williams has been an executive chef for over 25 years, bringing only his best game each and every time he prepares a delicious meal, dessert or feast for amazing customers like you

Renowned Cheesecake Artist

Starting as a simple customer request, Chef Williams set out to create the most perfect cheesecake one could buy in Connecticut. Soon after word got out about just how delicious his cheesecake was – Chef Williams began making and selling custom cheesecakes regularly, shipping his creations all over the U.S. To make this amazing cheesecake even more indulgent, Chef Williams now makes personal size cheesecake jars – enjoy some on the go with a convenient lid to save for later. (We won’t tell anyone if you eat it all in one sitting though, they’re that good!)

Healthy Meal Prep, Event Catering & Personal Chef

Having food prepared for you is one of the most liberating things you can do in this day and age. Imagine not having to worry about cooking a meal for a week. What would you do with all your free time then?
Chef Williams caters formal and casual events, provides weekly healthy meal preparation for busy families and individuals looking for quick options that fit in with their diet and workout routines